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When Green Religion first started working with SongTub, we recognized that brand identity was the main issue, as although we were getting traffic, visitors did not stay on the site, leading to high bounce rates and low conversions. As the business was for a hyper-specific niche, marketing was a challenge, as we wanted to ensure that we only targeted potential customers.


The first step was to build a new WooCommerce website, with a responsive design that was built with a mobile-first approach. As we were targeting professional creatives, such as YouTubers and videographers, we wanted to go for a clean, cool, polished design that was optimized for search engines and had a solid brand identity.

Our marketing team carried out keyword research for this particular niche so that we could optimize the site for potential customers with the aim of delivering targeted content.  As we were targeting professionals who used music in their content on a regular basis, we launched a highly successful YouTube campaign to target YouTubers in particular. Our team also developed a paid ad strategy to reach creatives on FB and Instagram, getting our ads seen by the right audience boosted our conversions, reduced the bounce rate and more than tripled our monthly revenue.

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