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Drone Masters started as a small digital retail company, only selling on Instagram and Facebook. The company was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their products, but they had little experience in online marketing.

They approached Green Religion to create a responsive WooCommerce website featuring a product catalog and an online support function. In addition, they required a robust online strategy, as they were having issues monetizing their social media as they were getting a lot of traffic, but it was not converting into leads and sales.


Green Religion designed and implemented branding for Drone Masters, in line with an online strategy that converted followers into a customer database. An eCommerce website was developed that was fully optimized for search engines, and was designed with a mobile-first approach. A minimalistic design was used as this worked best with the visual content that we received from Drone Masters.

We developed an interconnected system, where order management and customer management worked seamlessly together to enhance the user experience. Our team also carried out extensive market research, and found that a storytelling approach was the best way to optimise social media content for conversion.

Since the website was launched in 2020, traffic has increased by over 9% to the social media channels, and thus on to the website. Ongoing expert blog posts and backlinking are increasing awareness of this new brand, which has seen a month over month increase in sales.

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