mature playroom.

Shopify • JavaScript • SEO • Storytelling • UX • Creative Marketing


35% visitors
405%return of investment
15%loading speed


As an e-commerce business in a highly saturated market, we needed to design a website that would replicate the experience of visiting a brick-and-mortar shop and stand out from the competition. Additionally, we had to find creative ways to drive traffic to our website with limited marketing channels available. Facebook and Instagram do not allow sex toy-related ads to be shown, even if they link to SFW content and are set to adult only.


We designed the eCommerce website to make it feel as if the visitor was browsing in a physical store, so we incorporated a design that allows customers to browse from categories first, rather than products, for a better user experience. Our team used Google Keyword Planner to design our categories based on what people actually look for, such as toys for couples, BDSM etcetera. In the front-end, we used Javascript to create rich animations and be able to geolocate users.

With regards to marketing, we had to get creative. We tweaked our landing pages, image- and product descriptions and product visuals so we could still use Google and Bing ads without being penalized for selling sex toys. We utilized Adult Ad Networks that are designed specifically for promoting adult content. In addition, we used SEO on all our pages to boost ranking, and wrote authoritative blogs on subjects including the best lube, or the best sex toys for couples, to engage with the sex community. We also utilized HARO for link building and driving authoritative backlinks to the website via our blogs.

Since we built the new website, we have seen our conversion rate boosted from 0.55% to an average of around 4%.

” Feeling the Fifty Shades effect and want to explore sexually with a partner, or by yourself? Whatever your turn-on, our playroom of sex toys can help fulfill your erotic fantasies. Mature Playroom lets you spice things up in and out of the bedroom with over 8,000 high-end sex toys to suit every kink.”

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