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Responsive Web Development • Woocommerce • Branding • SEO and Advertising Strategy


1900 visitors
183%return of investment
Newbranding & webshop


Hoverboard Store was a fresh, young company, with no online presence, or physical store that needed a WooCommerce website with a minimalist design. In addition, they required help with branding and SEO, as they were new to the market, with very little experience but a lot of enthusiasm.


Green Religion’s initial task was to speak to Hoverboard Store about what they wanted from their business and what their values were. We built a WooCommerce site on WordPress that was designed for a clear concise user experience. From the logo to banners and functionalities, we designed the website from start to finish. We have made the site responsive on multiple devices, so we can offer mobile users the same experience as desktop users.

Our SEO strategy was focused on local authority, as hoverboards are still a niche product. This meant keywords ranking increased exponentially, allowing us to switch to a national campaign. Our content for the website has been lifestyle-led rather than business-focused, as this has allowed us to create targeted blog posts, and back linking, which has already increased the amount of organic traffic to the website.

If you have a new business, let Green Religion take it to the next level.

“Hoverboard Store offers a range of hover boards for all ages and abilities so you can get from A to Z in style. Celebrate the journey not just the destination, and roll with it.”

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