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Woocommerce • JavaScript • Content Management • Data Migration • Market Research


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35%return of investment
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Bikestore approached Green Religion for a new responsive website, to replace their old website that had an outdated built-in eCommerce function. They also needed help with the seamless migration of their customer database, as well as market research to create an informed online strategy. In addition Bikestore needed social media accounts for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Green Religion built a Woocommerce site on WordPress, and customized it by using Javascript to add a layer of dynamic functionality to the Bikestore website. We migrated their customer database from the source database to the target database. Additionally, we carried out market research to find the target audience, so we could create a digital experience that would appeal to the customer base and attract and retain new customers. We optimized the website for search engines and developed a content management strategy that incorporated storytelling, and high-quality visual images, with regular blogs and posts on social media channels that we set up for Bikestore.

In addition, Green Religion added a newsletter function so that everyone on the mailing list was kept up to date with new products and blogs. All of the existing customers were sent an email with a link to the new website and the new social media channels.

“For everything cycling-related, Bike Store has the solution. We have road bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes and high quality accessories. Everything you need to enjoy the fast, healthy option for travelling or just enjoying the great outdoors. Why drive when you can cycle.”

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