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28% visitors
164%return of investment
37%less cart abandonment


Green Religion’s main challenge when working with Brain Farm was establishing brand recognition for the company in an already heavily saturated market. The site had low conversion rates, with cart abandonment being the main contributor.


Our first task was to define the customer demographic, and then design the site to target that group. We used a slick, clean mobile first design to better appeal to millennial and Gen Z professional men, who were our target demographic. Our team used targeted photos of that demographic wearing the products for instant relatability so that visitors to the site could see themselves using the products.

The marketing team implemented a branding strategy that involved making the website a space for information on all things tech, as well as promoting helpful blogs on social media channels so that they reached the right demographic. To avoid cart abandonment, we implemented thumbnails of the product during the checkout process, so that the customer was assured of what they were buying. We also enabled seamless navigation between the cart and the store to enable customers to browse for further products and come back to their cart effortlessly as well as offering guest checkout, for those looking to just make one purchase.

“Shop the coolest tech gadgets. Brain Farm sells a massive range of the newest gadgets on the market for the forward-thinking person”

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