Baby care buy.

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Baby Care Buy is the place to go for stylish pregnancy and baby products. Shop here for everything from baby essentials such as diapers, buggies and clothing to innovative toys, all designed for the modern, growing family.


18% visitors
142%return of investment
35%loading speed


When Baby Care Buy first approached Green Religion, their first concern was that they felt the website did not express their business properly. We saw that the design did not appeal to the target demographic, which was people aged from 20-40. This meant a lot of visitors to the site were put off, leading to high bounce rates. In addition, our marketing team had minimal experience in working in this market, so they had to do a lot of research to develop a marketing strategy that would appeal to the target demographic.


Our first task was to carry out market research to see what would appeal to the target demographic of people aged between 20 and 40. We researched other websites in the baby products industry and were inspired by them to create a modern, responsive website on Shopify with a minimalistic mobile-first design. We wanted to give the website a personal touch that would make parents feel excited when shopping for products and gifts for a new baby. Our team decided to appeal to young parents who were looking for affordable products, so we showcased affordable yet stylish products on the homepage.

Our marketing team was inspired by mommy blogs and FB groups as well as Instagram to devise a solution-focused marketing strategy. This included launching social media campaigns with common baby-related problems as the main focus, such as dealing with baby spit up, or nappy rash, then presenting our products as a solution. After this we saw a massive improvement in clicks from our ads, and overall better conversions.

“All designed for the modern, growing family”

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