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Rustic Sportsman is your one-stop shop for high-quality hunting, shooting, fishing, archery, trail cameras and camping gear. Our passion for excellence inspires us to sell the best hunting gear at competitive prices. We believe that a successful hunting expedition starts with the right gear.


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Rustic Sportsman approached us about web development, as their website had a poor UX design, which made the site look outdated, with a correspondingly low conversion and engagement rate. As the majority of their products were seasonal by nature, Green Religion had to optimize sales at this period, as well as create a marketing campaign that would attract business out of season.


Our main goal was to improve the UX to help fulfill the user needs, to do this we implemented A/B testing points to see how we could keep visitors engaged with the site. We built a custom coded website to create features that were visually appealing for a memorable user experience. By utilizing wireframes in our initial design, we were able to craft all the pages into a seamless design that was both functional and optimized for mobiles.

We launched a Rustic Rewards program and saw a significant increase in repeat customers and a 30% increase in revenue as a result. To optimize the seasonality of the products and maintain the ROI, we focused on the homepage as it receives the most traffic. We used Google Keyword Planner to see which categories were attracting the most traffic at different times of the year and designed the homepage to showcase those products at the optimal time to maximize sales.

Trust Rustic to supply all the kit for your next expedition.

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